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Our Business

Tinplate is widely used as packaging medium. It has good corrosion-resistance, non-toxicity, high recycling properties and has found wide acceptance in various product packing including: processed food and beverage, paints, aerosols, edible oil and closures etc. Due to the versatility and distinct advantages over other packaging materials, the global hunger for tinplate was never satisfied in the past years. The shortage on supply is particularly severe in Asia.

Novowell ETP Limited is a subsidiary of the YORKSHINE HOLDINGS LIMITED. It was established in March 2011 to engage in tinplate manufacturing in China. The production facility is located in Taizhou, Jiangsu province and will be constructed in two phases. The production capacity of phase one is approximately 150,000 tonnes of tinplate annually. Phase two is in the preparation stage, once both phases come on stream, the total production capacity will be doubled up to 300,000 tonnes annually. The tinplate manufacturing plant has commenced commercial production in mid-December 2012. The plant, featuring state-of-the-art technology and experienced expertise, exemplifies our commitment to manufacture quality tinplate products through operation excellence.


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