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Our Business

Tinplate is widely used as packaging medium. It has good corrosion-resistance, non-toxicity, high recycling properties and has found wide acceptance in various product packing including: processed food and beverage, paints, aerosols, edible oil and closures etc. Due to the versatility and distinct advantages over other packaging materials, the global hunger for tinplate was never satisfied in the past years. The shortage on supply is particularly severe in Asia.

Yorkshine New Material (Taizhou) Limited* is a major subsidiary of YORKSHINE and mainly engaged in tinplate manufacturing business. It is located in Xinghua, Jiangsu Province, China. The manufacturing complex covers 120,000 square meters and creates an aesthetic working environment comprising workshops, office building, dormitories, and recreational facilities. Our advanced technologies and experienced management team is committed to becoming a leading tinplate supplier. Our future plans include product lines for printing, filming, and tank construction and filling, and we endeavor to build a complete production line which can expand our scope into modern agriculture applications.

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