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YORKSHINE's main customers are located in following countries / regions:

• North Asia (PRC, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea)
• South East Asia (Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia)
• Middle East (Dubai,Jordan, India)
• Europe (Belgium, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal) 
• South America (Brazil, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Venezuela) 

Customers include industries/ sectors in:

• Construction, property development
• Engineering and fabrication
• Integrated steel mills and re-rolling mills
• Steel de-coiling centers or processing factories
• Importers / distributors / stockists
• End-users from: automobile, shipbuilding, electric appliances, petro-chemical, canning etc..

Purchases of the Group by supplier location as below:

• Noth Asia (PRC, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Macau)
• South East Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia)
• Middle East (India)
• Europe (Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, United Kingdom)
• South America (Brazil)

Suppliers include industries/ sectors in:

• Iron ore mines and iron ore producing companies
• Coal mines and coal producing companies
• Integrated steel mills and re-rolling mills
• Steel producing companies, processing factories, distributors

With strong support from first class banks from different country base, the Group has secured substantial banking facilities to facilitate the execution of various business undertakings.

• China CITIC Bank Corporation Limited, Taizhou Branch
• China CITIC Bank Corporation Limited, Xinghua Sub-Branch
• China CITIC Bank International Limited
• DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
• Jiangsu Xinghua Rural Commercial Bank Co. Ltd., Daduo Sub-Branch
Inspection companies
• Inspectorate
• China Inspection Co., Ltd (CIC)
• Geo Chem Laboratories PVT. Ltd

Insurance companies
• Seascope Insurance Services (Hong Kong) Limited
• The People's Insurance Company (Group) of China (PICC)

Shipping companies
• Pacific Basin Shipping (HK) Ltd.
• COSCO (Hong Kong) Shipping Co., Limited
• Oldendorff Carriers Gmbh & Co., KG
• STX Pan Ocean
• Global Maritime Trust Pte. Ltd.
• Dooyang Limited